Personalised cards containing a photo and personal information are issued to all students, academic and administrative staff members. The Campus Card may be used on the campus, in independent areas or buildings and for the following applications:

Where to Use It—1 ?

In all cafeterias within the University, table d'hote meals can be automatically priced and counted through turnstiles. By uploading different price lists to the card reader validators, different prices can be applied for different groups of card holders. The staff members and students may go through the same turnstiles but different amounts of money are deducted from their cards. By using stainless steel separators, people may be directed at the turnstile entrances. Card reader validators integrated on the turnstiles may apply different prices if the card owner wishes to buy meals the second time during the same day. Even if there is no computer connection, if a card holder attempts to buy meal at a different turnstile, the system applies the second price list. Through the graphic LCD screens on the card reader validators, card holders will be able to check the remaining amount of credits on their cards and the amount paid.  If deemed necessary, the cards may be blacklisted and cancelled. At restaurants with a selection of meals (Tower Restaurant and other canteens, cafeterias, kiosks and tea rooms), touch screen POS terminals are used. Selected meals may be ordered by touching the screen and the amount appearing on the screen is paid by swiping the card on the terminal.

Table D'Hote, Restaurant, Canteen and Kiosk Automation

Secure Access to the Campus and Buildings



Unauthorised or unwanted people are prevented from accessing the campus or the buildings through the Campus Card application. At turnstiles placed in front of the buildings and/or campus entrances, access to the buildings or the university is checked and only those who have been granted the permission may enter the University or the buildings. If deemed necessary, authorisation for access may be cancelled instantly and the whole system is informed through computers.  Some card holders may be granted access to specific areas (area limitation) only at specific times (time limitation).  If necessary, time and area limitations may be modified by authorised staff members.

Access to the secondary security areas within the University (e.g.: library, laboratories etc.) will be obtained through the same card.


University's computer labs and system rooms will be open for use through the Campus Card, preventing unauthorised use of the premises and monitoring the time of use by the authorised card holders.