Where to Use It—2 ?

University car parks are categorised as free (open to members only) and charged.   In the charged car park system, the visitors can swipe their cards and benefit from the car parks.  The members access the car parks through cards. Once the card holder swipes his/her card, automatic barriers are opened and  unauthorised vehicles are not given access.  The same card may be used at the entrance of a second area or car park within the University. For example, although all card holders may enter the university with their vehicles, only administrative staff members' vehicles may enter the car park allocated for staff members. Regarding access with vehicles, time or area related authorisation  may be applied as in pedestrian access.

Car Park Automation

University Bus Services



Entrance to various sports facilities such as tennis courts, astro turf pitch and sports centers will be monitored and the corresponding amount of money will be deducted from the card.


The card also allows a membership or hour-based pricing system. Such activities are monitored and controlled through EMU Campus Card.

The system is used on free and charged bus services. Validators placed next to the drivers read the student cards and prevent unauthorised people from using the University's bus services. People who do not possess the card are prevented by the bus drivers. People with expired cards or who have cancelled their registration at the University will not be allowed to use the University's bus services unless they have a special permission.  Card holders wishing to benefit from priced bus services may do so by paying the services through using the credits uploaded on their cards.

Sports and Other Activities