1. What are the Benefits of the Campus Card?

The Campus Card is primarily Eastern Mediterranean University’s Identity Card. The card is also used for your safety on all on-campus entrances and exits, for controlling and viewing your expenses at all on-campus locations and, last but not least, for winning various PRIZES.

2. How Can I Check My Campus Card Activity ?

You can monitor your card activities (e.g., expenses, entrances/exits, prizes) on the Student Portal  within 2 hours after the activity has taken place.

3. How Can I Deposit Fund to My Campus Card ?

You may deposit funds to your Campus Card at the Student Services Office, Registrar’s Office, Accounting Office, Dormitories Directorate, Table d’Hote Restaurant and Tower Restaurant.

4. Can My Family Deposit Funds to My Campus Card ?

After your family has transferred money to the bank account specified, the funds will be uploaded to your card within 1 day, the latest.

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5. What is the Maximum Amount that I Can Spend per Day ?

As the Campus Card is contactless and contains no passwords, you are allowed to spend a maximum amount of 25 TL each time you use the card and 100 TL per day, at most.

6. What do I do When I Lose My Card ?

You can go to the Student Services Office, report your card as missing and ask for its deactivation. In this case, your card will be cancelled. You will be issued a new card and the balance and authorizations on your previous card will be reorganised, accordingly.