How to Use It ?

The Campus Card contains personalized information of the card holder, both students and staff members, and is the key to many features on the campus.



For Students :

Students are required to personalise their existing student ID cards by transferring necessary information on them at the Students Services Office, where relevant authorizations are uploaded to the cards.  The system also allows funds to be deposited on the Campus Card. Unauthorised card holders may not access specified locations and Table d’Hote or benefit from the other card features.


Having uploaded the necessary authorization on the Campus Card at the Students Services Office, students who are on the semester-based meal package may benefit from Table d’Hote restaurant as usual by swiping their cards on the card-reader on the RIGHT. Students who are not on the meal package may also buy meals at Table D’hote restaurant with the existing credits on their cards, only by swiping their cards on the LEFT card-reader. The amount spent will be automatically deducted from the Campus Card.


At other locations, the amount specified based on the selected meal and other expenses will be deducted from the existing credits on the Campus Card, once the card holder swipes the card on the card reader.